My Heart Will Go On Violin Sheet Music

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My Heart Will Go On Violin Sheet Music


my heart will go on

Violin sheet music from the film titanic including my heart will go on violin sheet music

Does Titanic Have the Best Soundtrack?

Music is very important to draw audience, as it creates a room for the audience to connect to the director’s emotions and what he is trying to achieve on the screen. James Horner produced his all time best score in Titanic, which gave it an additional edge and made it a great movie. Does Titanic have the best soundtrack? Probably yes, as it the best music ever composed by James Horner. James Horner has the reputation of composing moving and powerful songs.

Titanic director, James Cameron was so mesmerized by the score that he paid homage to it in a CD booklet. Titanic had a story which was sometimes more believable through the score by James Horner than the story itself. Probably, that’s the beauty of the soundtrack, which made this movie a rage around the world. The love scores in the soundtrack are amazing. The soundtrack closely coincides with the love scenes between Jack and Rose. Because of the great soundtrack, the emotional connection between a viewer and the onscreen couple grows very strong. For this masterpiece soundtrack, James Horner was honored with the Oscars for ‘Best score’ and ‘Best Song’ at 1998 Academy Awards.

Vocalist Celine Dion’s career reached to great heights by the addition of the love song, ‘My Heart Will Go On’. The soundtrack broke all the records around the world. Now, probably you must have got the answer to your question “Does Titanic have the best soundtrack?” The Horner’s Titanic Score has the privilege to be the best selling soundtrack of all time.

If you’d like to read a list of the top 10 []best selling movie soundtracks, check out

Article Source: [] Does Titanic Have the Best Soundtrack?

Violin Christmas Music


disney violin sheet music

A great collection of Violin Christmas music arranged for violinists of Grade 2 to 3 standard to enjoy. There are simple accompaniments and the CD contains excellent demonstrations plus playalong backing tracks for each piece.
An excellent learning resource.

Violin Christmas Music List

Away In A Manger

Deck The Halls

Ding Dong! Merrily On High

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Mistletoe And Wine

O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)

Rise Up Shepherd

Santa Claus Is Comin To Town

Saviour’s Day

Silent Night

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

While Shepherds Watched

Teaching Violin – The Role of Christian & Religious Music Such As Sacred Hymns and Spirituals

As a violin teacher, I try not to underestimate the value of teaching music that students know and enjoy, especially for beginners. While the Suzuki classics such as Gone With the Wind, the various selections by Suzuki himself (such as Perpetual Motion), and early music by Bach and Handel may satisfy some, there are, in my experience, many students left uninspired.

Many students have requested music by John Williams or other movie or television themes. Unfortunately, these are often quite chromatic and difficult, and the available music often cannot be played in first position or is quite awkward (having not been edited specifically for violin).

Indeed, forming a connection with a student relies, in my opinion, on providing music that inspires. Also, for youngsters, familiar music is usually far more palatable. It is tempting to shy away from teaching religious music such as Christmas songs and, year-round, sacred music such as hymns, spirituals, and Sunday School songs. Yet, for many students (and parents), this music has the potential to inspire, and often is both recognizable and, already, well loved. Examples of such music would be “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” “Jesus Loves Me,” “In the Garden,” and, for specific denominations, selections such as “salve regina” or “A mighty Fortress.” At Christmas time, good choices can be “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” or “Joy to the World.”

In my experience, teaching sacred songs adds to the availability of familiar songs that can inspire students of all ages as well as engage parents. Since parental support and participation is, in my opinion, vital to the success of, in particular, the young student, it can be quite valuable to choose music that parents, as well as students, enjoy.

When choosing a book of sacred songs for beginners, it is important that it be edited by a violinist, and that, preferably, that it be scored to be played in first position. Choosing a book with either a duet part or a piano accompaniment allows the student to perform this music on his or her recital.

Of course, it is vital to be sensitive to the religious beliefs of the students and parents when offering to teach Christian or other sacred music. A gentle query into whether such music would be of interest has been, in my experience, sufficient to ensure that this is a welcome addition to the repertoire.

Lisa Ann Berman, M.M.

Masters of Music in Violin Performance, Yale School of Music

Article Source: [—The-Role-of-Christian-and-Religious-Music-Such-As-Sacred-Hymns-and-Spirituals&id=3669469] Teaching Violin – The Role of Christian & Religious Music Such As Sacred Hymns and Spirituals

Three Pieces From Schindler’s List For Violin And Piano


music sheet for violin

John Williams’s
violin sheet music for Steven Spielberg’s brilliant film, Schindlers List, arranged for Violin and Piano.

Top 5 Best Movie Theme Songs

Some films have a song so powerful and memorable that it sticks in the common consciousness like glue. Lots of movies have great soundtracks overall, whether original scores or creative selections of existing music, but it is more rare to find a single theme song that really captures the spirit of the movie and enjoys lasting fame of its own. A single bar from any one of these songs is enough to instantly recall the film, and important scenes come flooding back. Even for those who have never seen the movie in question, the song is so enduring that they probably recognize it anyway. We have picked out what are, in our humble opinion, the five very best movie theme songs, each one an original composition made especially for its film. All of these air on satellite TV, so keep your eyes and ears open to catch these unbeatable musical masterpieces.

Jaws: With just two notes, “da-na,” (E – F) you have it, a menacing shark terrorizing swimmers and sea-goers with its awesome power. Released in 1975, Jaws was a major moment in cinema history, establishing the genre of the summer blockbuster. But most of all it was important for John Williams’ stunning shark theme, full of ominous suspense and imminent danger. This was just the beginning of an illustrious composing career for Williams.

Star Wars Episode IV: Just two years after the extraordinary success of the Jaws theme, John Williams again stunned audiences with a remarkable original score. The Star Wars music sounds so classical, yet fits in perfectly in the futuristic world, the perfect theme for excitement and adventure. Following the original trilogy, Williams has continued to provide new music for the three high definition prequels, which may be their most redeeming feature. Williams’ work could easily comprise this entire top 5 list, with impressive scores for E.T., Indiana Jones, Superman, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter – but we will move on to some other champions.

Chariots of Fire: It’s funny that the theme song for a movie about speed – namely a bunch of young athletes preparing to run in the 1924 Olympics – should be so strongly associated with slow motion. Sports movies always benefit from a good song, and Greek composer Vangelis took a chance by using a slower sound for the fast runners.

Rocky: Bill Conti is the genius responsible for Rocky’s underdog pump-up music, the “Gonna Fly Now” theme song. It has become a favorite song for athletes in all sports, just the right sound for training for the big match. It’s also the only song on this list that includes lyrics and vocals. The whole Rocky series airs at intervals on satellite TV, though we’d just as soon stick with the first and the final installments, and skip the rest.

The Pink Panther: So far most of these songs have embodied a sense of sheer drama, whether for noble sports, ferocious beast, or adventurous epic. The Pink Panther theme, however, embodies sheer silliness. Henry Mancini composed the perfect score for these farcical murder mysteries.

You don’t need high definition or a big screen to enjoy these songs, though it certainly helps to fully enjoy the movies. Listen on your stereo or catch the flicks on satellite TV, and either way these award-winning songs are sure to stand out in your mind and heart forever after. []Direct TV is the leader in sports and HD programming. Where else can you get 130+ of your favorite channels in HD? Where else can you get NFL Sunday Ticket or Mega March Madness? With []Direct TV packages, you will never say there’s nothing to watch. There is always something you’ll love on Direct TV.

Article Source: [] Top 5 Best Movie Theme Songs

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