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Information, knowledge and communications are all part of the internet world and anyone can learn a new skill from the comfort of their own home. If you want to learn to play piano, it just got a whole lot easier, now you can order a piano software course for beginners, online, and get started within minutes. If you do a search on the internet, you will find lots of piano software courses offering various degrees of advancement and prices, but you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Piano software courses and online piano lessons are the modern way to learn how to play the piano. Learning to play the piano is not exactly easy whether you use software or a teacher but using software is cheap, easy and you can do it anytime you want.

Learning to play the piano using software or learning online is fast becoming the most popular way to learn the piano, here are three good reasons you should start learning today:

Have piano lessons at a time that suits you

Trying to organise your work time and free time has always been awkward for busy people, and having to go to a piano teacher at the same every week is just out of question. If you use a piano software course to learn to play the piano, it certainly won’t help you to organise your time more efficiently, but it will help you to learn the piano when you do have free time, in other words you choose your own time and if you use a laptop your own place, anywhere in the world.

Piano software is such a good invention because allows busy adults to have a go at playing the piano. If you are always on the go and you are having piano lessons with a teacher, then you will have to cancel a lot of lessons, and that’s not good for you or the teacher. It’s obviously going to be more difficult for a busy adult to keep to a regular lesson schedule and that’s why piano software is such a brilliant invention.

We have already discussed that if you don’t have the time to practice or use your piano software it doesn’t matter. So you might well ask what’s the point in trying to learn. Well, the point is, you are using your free time more effectively, all right, you might not have practiced for a while but when you do get free time, you can immerse yourself into the task at hand and you can spend hours or days learning to play and using what I call quality practice time. It’s better than snatching half an hour here and there.

Good value for money

Another great benefit of piano software is the cost; it’s a fraction of what it costs to go to a piano teacher. The average cost of piano lessons in the UK is about ten to fifteen pounds for half hour lessons and twenty to thirty pounds for hour lessons and you can add petrol costs to those figures. If you have a broadband connection, you can download piano courses to your computer after payment. Prices vary for piano software packages; they start at about twenty pounds and go up to a hundred pounds.

Take control of your piano lessons

When you are in charge, you won’t be able to use any excuses for not learning to play the piano because you will make all the decisions. These software courses offer everything for the absolute novice and will guide you through to a more advanced stage of playing the piano. You can discover the right piano for you just by logging on to the World Wide Web, there are lots of portable keyboards for sale online and there’s even a roll up piano, which is the ultimate in portability.

As good as piano software is, it will be useless unless you practice, it might be easier these days to learn how to play but it’s not magic, in fact practice is probably the most important part of the whole process.

Mikes Music Room Recommends PIANOFORALL Piano Software Course for beginners wishing to learn how to play the piano. This course is very competitively priced at $39.95 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Learn To Play Piano

If you would like to find more information about this course, you can visit the PIANOFORALL website.  The creator of this piano course Robin Hall, who is also a piano teacher, will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you want to learn to play the piano, you can go to a piano teacher or teach yourself. If you’re going to teach yourself how to play the piano then you have to decide whether to use piano software courses or tuition books.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of both methods of teaching yourself to play the piano. Both methods will help you to learn to play the piano, Both will provide you with songs to play on the piano and both will include the necessary music theory required to play the piano. So which method is best?

The benefits of tuition books

The obvious benefit of using tuition books is the cost. When you buy a beginners tuition book for example “The Complete Piano Player” or if you’re using a Yamaha keyboard “The Complete Keyboard Player”. They are normally sold as part of a series, for example, book 1 to book 4 and each book costs about six to ten pounds. You just buy the book you need, which means it’s incredibly cheap to get started. Each book contains about twelve songs and each song will introduce something new to learn.

The drawbacks of tuition books

The main drawback of these books are not the books themselves but the fact that they are designed to be used with a piano teacher. If there is something you can’t quite grasp then a piano teacher would have many ways to explain things. Without that help, your task can become overwhelming and many people will give up within the first three months.

The other main drawback is that tuition books dont teach you what you need to know before you start using the books. That is, the basics, what the notes are called on a keyboard, what are the notes called on sheet music, time signatures and time values. These are the basics that apply to all musical instruments and you must learn this first.

Find out more about piano software courses in part two of this article.

Visit Mikes Music Blog to Read Part 2 of this article and buy Piano Software Courses for piano and keyboard. You can also download a Learn The Basics tuition book before to start to learn. You be glad you did.

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