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Yamaha YDPV240 Digital Piano With Bench

Yamaha YDPV240 Digital Piano With Bench Rating:
List Price: $2,299.00
Sale Price: $1,799.99
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Product Description

The Yamaha YDP-V240 Arius Spinet Digital Piano is the first in the Arius line to include hundreds of built-in instrument Voices and Styles of music genres and songs that expand the instrument's capabilities and bring virtually unlimited interactive musical enjoyment.
BR> In addition to the 88-key Graded Hammer Standard action, and industry-leading AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) and genuine Yamaha piano tones, the YDP-V240 features 131 other Voices including Yamaha's Sweet, Cool and Live instrument voices and 191 interactive auto-accompaniment Styles, as well as XGlite song file compatibility with thousands of professionally produced MIDI files available from Yamaha. It also has internal 6-track recording capabilities, but also offers USB port for connecting with a Mac or PC for transfer to sophisticated software.


Music Database plus External Files 320 x 240 dots QVGA Monochrome 4.6 inch LCD Amplifier - 20 Watts x 2 Channels Built-in Speaker Size - 12cm x 2 Performance Guide via PC Pedals - 3 (Damper with half pedal effect, Sostenuto and Soft) 131 Voices + 361 XGlite Voices + 12 Kits 64 Notes Polyphony Two 1/4 Headphone jacks USB to other device or host (Windows PC or Macintosh) - Dive in and take advantage of the wide world of computer music software Connections and setup are exceptionally easy.


  • Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM piano with 64-note polyphony
  • 131 Voices + 361 XGlite Voices + 12 Kits; 160 styles; 30 preset songs
  • 6-track recorder with hands-separate practicing
  • USB connectivity for storing data or interfacing with software
  • 88-key Graded Hammer Standard weighted-action keyboard

88-Key Piano With Bench And Stand

88-Key Piano With Bench And Stand Rating:
List Price: $1,399.00
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Availability: unspecified

Product Description

Perfect for beginning students and experienced players alike, the YDP-131 Digital Piano delivers authentic piano sound with exceptionally natural response. With 6 different instrument Voices that utilize the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling tone generation, and featuring an expressive GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard, this instrument is a joy to play, practice and perform on. It also features 64-note polyphony, three foot pedals and a built in speaker system. Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 1-track song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances.

Just like high-grade digital pianos, the YDP-131 uses Yamaha's renowned AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation technology and Stereo Sampling. When you play a key, what you hear is a "sample", or digital recording, of the same note on a high quality concert grand piano. Applying the know-how gleaned from over 100 years of crafting fine acoustic pianos, Yamaha created the highly acclaimed GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard. Unlike conventional digital piano keyboards that use springs or dampers to simulate piano feel, the GH keyboard uses weights and mechanical linkages to provide a new level of realism. You'll notice the difference it makes as soon as you start playing. Classically beautiful woodgrain body, with sliding key cover to protect the keyboard from dust, matches any decor perfectly. What's more, the YDP-131 is lightweight so it's easy to move. Best of all, it's maintenance-free: there's no need for expensive, periodic tuning or other special maintenance. Dual mode allows the mixing of two sounds Built-in one track recording system Digital reverb Adjustable Metronome Piano music library including the 50 Greats for Piano music book Damper, soft and sustain pedals MIDI In/Out/Thru


  • 88 Note full length piano with full size keys
  • AWM Tone Generation with stereo sampling
  • Fully weighted, graded hammer action
  • Sliding key cover and integrated backboard and pedal base
  • Six voices including Piano, harsichord, strings and pipe organ

Yamaha P65MSB 88-Key Weighted graded hammer action keys, comes with stand and bench

Yamaha P65MSB 88-Key Weighted graded hammer action keys, comes with stand and bench Rating:
List Price: $899.99
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Availability: unspecified

Product Description

Digital Piano with Stand and Bench


  • 88-key weighted graded hammer action keys
  • Stereo-Sample instrument voices. grand piano, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ, and Stings)
  • Dual voice mode to combine two different instrument voices,
  • packed w/ power supply, foot pedal, bench, XX stand, comes w/ quickstart DVD
  • built in Stereo speakers MIDI in/out

Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano With Bench

Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano With Bench Rating:
List Price: $1,349.00
Sale Price: $1,049.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1 to 3 months
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Product Description

The Yamaha Arius Series provides true piano sound and feel. The graded-hammer keyboard on the Yamaha YDP141 digital piano makes it a true joy to play both in practice and in performance. The 3-level AWM dynamic stereo sampling voices deliver remarkably authentic sound. Moreover, the 88-key digital piano's damper pedal includes a half-damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the sustained sound. Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while the Yamaha keyboard's a 2-track song recorder allows you to capture original musical ideas and performances.Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard: Just like a traditional acoustic piano, lower notes on a GHS keyboard have a heavier touch, while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing. The matte finish of the black keys enhances the Yamaha Arius piano keyboard's luxurious appearance.Variable touch sensitivity: Select the hard, medium, or soft setting to match your playing style or finger strength. Turn off sensitivity for a fixed response setting, which is ideal when playing the organ.Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) dynamic stereo sampling: The digital piano keyboard comes with AWM (Advanced Wave Memory), a sampling system that creates the realism of an acoustic instrument by using digital technology to record the instrument sound and apply high-quality digital filter technology to the recorded audio samples. The waveform of the sound created by playing the key of an acoustic piano differs depending on the playing strength from pianissimo to fortissimo. AWM dynamic stereo sampling can produce dynamic nuances by recording samples of various playing strengths. The greater the number of samples used, the higher the expression.64-note polyphony: Conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes during fast, dense legato passages: sustained notes are cut off as the instrument "steals" notes to make room for new notes. On the Yamaha Arius YDP141, a maximum of 64


  • 88-key GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action keyboard
  • New Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM piano with 64-note polyphony
  • 2-track recorder with Flash-ROM song storage
  • Polished silver-colored Damper, Soft and Sostenuto pedals
  • New dark rosewood and light cherry finishes

YAMAHA DGX-500 Portable Grand Piano w/ Wooden Bench

YAMAHA DGX-500 Portable Grand Piano w/ Wooden Bench Rating:
List Price:
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Availability: unspecified

Product Description

Yamaha's DGX500 is the first portable keyboard to use actual piano keys, and it's the flagship in a series of instruments from Yamaha called Portable Grand. It's packed with functions and features designed specifically for new piano users. Included with the DGX500 is a furniture-type wooden stand that completes its piano image.

A large, piano-shaped button in the center of the front panel calls up the keyboard's best piano sound. A piano accompaniment style is automatically chosen and readied if you want it. Next to the piano button is a metronome-shaped button for, of course, a metronome feature.

The DGX500 features an extra-high-quality stereo piano sample, general MIDI (GM) compatibility, and a selection of Yamaha's famous XG Lite voices, all of which work in concert to give you remarkably good sound quality. The quality is enhanced by the keyboard's two-way speakers with bass-enhancing ports.

Polyphony is the ability for a keyboard to sound multiple tones simultaneously. Some keyboards in this price range have 16-, 24 -or 28-note polyphony; the DGX500 has a full 32-note polyphony so you can play intricate instrumental arrangements and dense musical passages without "running out" of notes or sounds.

When you want to record your playing, just press the front panel's record button, the track button for the track you want to record on, and start playing. It's that easy. When you're done, save your song internally or to the keyboard's 3.5-inch floppy disk drive as a standard MIDI file (SMF) to make it compatible with other general MIDI keyboards as well as most computers. Imagine recording your child's first song onto a disk, placing it in your computer and attaching it to e-mail so friends and family can hear.

Call up your favorite style of music like Rock, Big Band, Gospel or Country, press a chord or play Single Finger mode, and the DGX500 will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you. And even though the DGX500 comes with 135 built-in music styles, the disk drive opens up the ability to load even more. The disk drive will allow you to save and organize your favorite data for years to come.

Another feature to simplify song playing is the music database. Pull out your favorite music book, select a song from any of the over 200 songs in the database, and the entire keyboard sets itself up. Start playing and the keyboard will follow your every chord--with no other buttons to press.

The DGX500 comes with 100 built-in songs with its songbook feature. But if you've never played before, where do you start? Well, if learning to play music is important to you, the Yamaha Education Suite II, a set of music training functions, makes learning music incredibly easy. Seven types of lessons are available as well as a convenient chord dictionary.

And finally, no matter what level of playing ability your at, you'll appreciate being able to build combinations of your favorite sounds. Pressing the "Split" button divides the instrument into two parts, allowing you to have two different sounds on the keyboard at the same time, like piano on the right and bass on the left. That's when you really appreciate the 88 keys.

In addition, "Layer" mode lets you combine two sounds across the keyboard range. For example, you could layer piano and strings and play both sounds at the same time. With over 600 voices to choose from, the combinations are only limited by your imagination.

What's in the Box
Keyboard, stand, and a user's manual. (PA5D power adapter and UX16 USB-MIDI interface are not included.)


  • Stereo sampled piano sound is utterly remarkable ? close your eyes and you're in front of a world class concert grand
  • Two way speakers with bass ports for high fidelity sound quality
  • A furniture style wood stand with matching end panels completes piano look and feel
  • One of the world's premiere piano manufacturers, YAMAHA brings over a century of experience to the DGX-500ADB
  • Over 600 voices, including famous Yamaha XG voice set

Celviano Console Digital Piano with Matching Bench

Celviano Console Digital Piano with Matching Bench Rating:
List Price: $1,799.00
Sale Price: Click More Information Link For Updated Price
Availability: unspecified

Product Description

State-of-the-art high-end digital pianos: the newly developed sound source Linear Morphing AiF offers the entire spectrum of authentic grand piano tones from Pianissimo to Fortissimo without abrupt changes to the sound during the transitions. The ...


  • 250 AiF tones - AiF Sound source produces 250 top-quality tones, which truly come into their own in both classic piano repertoire and many other genres.
  • The innovative AiF Sound Source technology produces top-quality tones perfectly suited to both classical piano music and other genres and enables gentle transitions between individual samples and dynamic levels. Complex stereo recordings from a top-quality concert piano (samples) with four dynamic levels provide a particularly authentic sound and allow you to play across various intermediate stages from piano to forte without any sound discoloration or audible leaps.
  • Guarantee an absolutely first-class piano sound. The expansion of the range of voices has made interpreting complex works a true pleasure and lets you play sweeping chords and make extensive use of the damper pedal.
  • Piano feeling - The scaled hammer-action keyboard with 88 touch response, weighted keys is based on the keyboard of a concert piano and provides an authentic playing experience. A third sensor in the keyboard allows players to use particularly fast techniques without the notes sounding unnaturally cut off.
  • 180 preset rhythms offer a varied range spanning the world of music.

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