M-Audio DCP-200 Digital Console Piano with Premium Sounds, Graded Hammer Action and Built in USB Interface

M-Audio DCP-200 Digital Console Piano with Premium Sounds, Graded Hammer Action and Built in USB Interface Rating:
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The M-Audio DCP-200 Digital Piano brings the beauty of a classic upright into your home, classroom, or house of worship. The elegant console design incorporates a premium audio system and powerful speakers that convey every note with exceptional detail—from resonant bass to delicate highs. Realistic TruTouch II graded hammer action keys makes it a pleasure to play the authentic acoustic and electric piano sounds, as well as harpsichord, organ, strings, and bass. The built-in USB computer connection gives you instant access to the world of music software for education, recording, notation and more—making DCP-200 Digital Console Piano a superior investment that will grow with your family. This expressive M-Audio digital piano upholds the best of music tradition while embracing today's new creative technologies. Authentic Sound and Feel The M-Audio DCP-200 Digital Piano features premium onboard sounds meticulously sampled from some of the world's finest instruments, including the classic Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano. This remarkable digital piano boasts a finely crafted 88-note keyboard with graded-hammer action keys and escapement to reproduce the feel of an acoustic piano—from a lighter touch on the high notes, down to a firm response on the lows. The powerful combination of authentic sound and realistic touch means that the M-Audio DCP-200 Piano provides an inspiring playing experience for beginners and enthusiasts alike.USB Computer Compatibility All M-Audio digital pianos feature built-in USB MIDI interfaces to connect to most PC and Mac computers. A single USB cable lets you plug into a wide range of music software for education, notation, recording, and more. Your DCP-200 even includes Sibelius First software—the easy-to-use application from the industry leader in music notation. Just press record and your computer transcribes what you play into professional-grade sheet music.Write, Compose, and Arrange Want to create your own mus


  • 8 high-quality onboard sounds
  • (acoustic pianos based on Steinway Model D Concert Grand, electric piano, FM electric piano, harpsichord, church organ, strings, upright bass)
  • Elegant dark wood grain finish
  • class-compliant USB-MIDI interface (compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0)
  • includes Sibelius First music notation software
  • Realistic TruTouch II graded hammer-action keybed with escapement to reproduce the look and feel of acoustic piano keys


  1. Janice Anderson says:


    M-Audio makes professional sound equipment, including keyboards. This is one of their first home pianos. I am really enjoying it, and find that it has a realistic feel (weighted keys) and sound. With the free shipping, you have to arrange to be home for the delivery service as it is too big to go by FedEx or UPS. It was easy to unpack and assemble the stand, but I had to have someone help me lift the keyboard onto the stand. Other than that – easy peasy. The stand is quite nice looking. I worried it would look cheap, but I am happy with it.

    I’m not a pro, but my neighbor is – and he tried it out and gave it a thumbs up!

  2. A. Hickman says:


    For the past 4 months I had been searching for a reasonably priced digital piano that interfaced well with a computer and finally I settled on M-audio’s dcp200 and I couldn’t be happier. I really took a gamble on this piano because all I could find was one very short review of the piano. A couple of years ago I had a yamaha clavinova and while I really liked the piano, this piano is better in so many ways.

    First off, the piano looks beautiful; I have the darkgrain model and it blends in with my house really well and it looks very rich. When we first got the piano put together I was slightly dissapointed with the key action, my wife assured me that it just needed to be played a little bit and it would feel better. Boy was she right, I’ve had the piano for 3 weeks now and it feels great, the hammer action is just right.

    The sound on this piano is phenominal as well, I was skepital of 20 watt speakers but this piano gets nice and loud and still sounds great. There are 8 different instruments you can play on it which is slightly dissapointing, they probably could have included more for not too much more cost, but the instruments all sound good. The response of the piano is great and allows you to really feel the music you are playing and let you forget that you are not playing an acoustic piano.

    If the piano had just the features I had talked about it would still be a great but this piano has much more. The piano comes with a cable to hook it up to your computer as well as software to record your music on the computer. It also comes with a cable to hook up a mp3 player directly to the piano and it has a knob to control the volume of the music input so you can easily play along with your favorite music. It also has 2 headphone jacks.

    The piano is simple enough for beginners but advanced enough for people that know a lot about computers and electronics. It also comes with an incredibly detailed guide to show you how to use all the advance features this piano has.

    I truly cannot give this piano enough praise, if you are reading this and haven’t decided on a piano buy this one. Also I recommend the m-audio piano bench, its super comfortable and looks great. I promise I’m not affiliated in anyway with M-Audio and am not being paid to write this review. Buy the piano and write your own review, you won’t be dissapointed.

    Also right now M-audio has a mail in rebate where they will send you a set of headphones (retail is over […]) as well as 3 music books of your choice. I’m still waiting to get mine but am excited nonetheless.

  3. R.Cade says:


    This was a Christmas present for my husband. He was excited about getting a digial piano. He is quite impressed with the weighted keys and the pedals. My husband is very particular about his instruments. He does play and compose music. His specifics for a keyboard were that it has to be 88 keys, and have weighted keys. This keypbord met his requirements and the stand is a bonus. It is very nice and has a cover that glides down over the keys. This digial piano feels and plays like a regular piano except it does not need tuning. Shipping was fast, only two days, and we live in an area where we can wait for weeks. The assembly was quick and easy. An additionl blessing is the jack for headphones. I really like the compact size, as we live in a very small house and it does not take up much room. The stand is sturdy and supports the keyboard. There are no wobbles or shifting while in use.

    I shared this web site with another co-worker and he ended up making the same purchase for his family. His family has been enjoying it since it arrived. Another co-worker was visiting and asked to see the piano. She was impressed with the feel of it and the look. She has a 76 key keyboard that she does not like to use because the keys do not have the graded hammer action. She is looking into making the same investment.

  4. N. Moore says:


    This is a great digital piano, I have also been playing the Roland digitals, newest models at school, and this m audio one is excellent, and cant be beat for the money. I wanted to get the dcp 300 originally but they were back ordered till april, and I needed a digital right away so I went with the dcp 200, and its a great choice!

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