Have you ever thought about how it feels to flawlessly run up and down a piano keyboard, playing beautiful music? Would you like to play a Beethoven piece of music on a concert grand piano accompanied by an orchestra? Are you that person that says I want to learn, but never gets round to it? Believe me, you are not the only one.

Everybody has a reason for not making that crucial decision and making that first commitment to start learning to play the piano. Even though you would like to be a great pianist or keyboard player, you can’t help thinking whether you will have the time and patience to learn how to play. There’s no way around these doubts, you have to make the decision and see what happens. Regular piano practice is the secret to playing the piano well.

Prior to buying a piano and piano lessons you should to organise your time and money requirements. It’s best to sort out your funds for a piano and lessons and teachers fees. Why not go to a piano teacher and try before you buy. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good piano. A piano of great worth will guarantee a superior sounding piano and you will get more satisfaction playing on it whether you buy an acoustic upright piano, a grand piano or even an electric piano.

A further important matter is to find a piano teacher who will guide you through those first crucial steps to playing the piano. If you know what you want to aim for then you can find the right teacher for you, for instance do you want to take exams, do you want to learn classical music or pop music, think about this before choosing your piano teacher.

Piano lessons and practice take up time and you have to adapt and make learning to play the piano part of your lifestyle. Learning to play the piano can be both frustrating and rewarding. The better you get at playing the piano, the more you will want to practice, it very addictive.

Playing the piano is all about pattern recognition, having a good memory and coordination, all these will improve as part of the piano learning process. After lots of piano practice you want to demonstrate your new talent, use a special occasion or perhaps a birthday party, you might want to play happy birthday, or Christmas, you can play a simple Christmas carol that everybody knows, it’s nice to show people what you can do, especially when you have worked hard at it.

As long as you stay determined to learn to play the piano, any little problems you have along the way will disappear very quickly. I you cant find a piano teacher right away, you can still learn to play the piano if you have an internet connection, and there are lots websites that can supply piano courses to help you learn to play the piano. Online piano lessons can also be used as a supplement to your ongoing piano lessons with a teacher, if you feel you would like to move your progress on a bit faster, have a go.

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