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Before selecting piano learning software, you have to check through a few things to ascertain that you are certainly purchasing the best one in the market. The world of the internet is filled with thousands and thousands of sites which sell good, competitively priced piano learning software belonging to various makes and covering all types of difficulty levels – from beginners, to intermediate to advanced.

You must select piano learning software that meets your target goal. For e.g. if you are just starting off, you have to settle for a beginners software that will teach you the basics and fundamentals of how to play a piano, how to read music from printed score, basic notations, scales, identification of tones by listening to music, playing by the ear, trills and drills, some interesting finger exercises which will improve the flexibility of your fingers and such things.

Advanced learners’ similarly should select a piano learning software that is geared towards teaching advanced tricks and skills to a student who has already mastered the basic skills and is moving towards becoming a pro. You must check to see that whatever level of piano learning software you choose, it should contain assessment and evaluation tests at the end of each lesson or each chapter to test the depth of your knowledge and skill. Sometimes these tests are given in the form of quizzes to make it more enjoyable.

Any piano learner will lose his or her enthusiasm in a few days if the lesson contained in the piano learning software is boring. The lessons, whether 16 or 60 or 223, must be peppy, interesting, written in a lucid and simple style which can be followed easily and comprehended without any hassle. It should offer exhaustive practice across a broad range of genres to familiarize you with the different genres and categories like classical western, country, jazz, retro, pop etc and so that you turn out to be an accomplished piano player.

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Information, knowledge and communications are all part of the internet world and anyone can learn a new skill from the comfort of their own home. If you want to learn to play piano, it just got a whole lot easier, now you can order a piano software course for beginners, online, and get started within minutes. If you do a search on the internet, you will find lots of piano software courses offering various degrees of advancement and prices, but you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Piano software courses and online piano lessons are the modern way to learn how to play the piano. Learning to play the piano is not exactly easy whether you use software or a teacher but using software is cheap, easy and you can do it anytime you want.

Learning to play the piano using software or learning online is fast becoming the most popular way to learn the piano, here are three good reasons you should start learning today:

Have piano lessons at a time that suits you

Trying to organise your work time and free time has always been awkward for busy people, and having to go to a piano teacher at the same every week is just out of question. If you use a piano software course to learn to play the piano, it certainly won’t help you to organise your time more efficiently, but it will help you to learn the piano when you do have free time, in other words you choose your own time and if you use a laptop your own place, anywhere in the world.

Piano software is such a good invention because allows busy adults to have a go at playing the piano. If you are always on the go and you are having piano lessons with a teacher, then you will have to cancel a lot of lessons, and that’s not good for you or the teacher. It’s obviously going to be more difficult for a busy adult to keep to a regular lesson schedule and that’s why piano software is such a brilliant invention.

We have already discussed that if you don’t have the time to practice or use your piano software it doesn’t matter. So you might well ask what’s the point in trying to learn. Well, the point is, you are using your free time more effectively, all right, you might not have practiced for a while but when you do get free time, you can immerse yourself into the task at hand and you can spend hours or days learning to play and using what I call quality practice time. It’s better than snatching half an hour here and there.

Good value for money

Another great benefit of piano software is the cost; it’s a fraction of what it costs to go to a piano teacher. The average cost of piano lessons in the UK is about ten to fifteen pounds for half hour lessons and twenty to thirty pounds for hour lessons and you can add petrol costs to those figures. If you have a broadband connection, you can download piano courses to your computer after payment. Prices vary for piano software packages; they start at about twenty pounds and go up to a hundred pounds.

Take control of your piano lessons

When you are in charge, you won’t be able to use any excuses for not learning to play the piano because you will make all the decisions. These software courses offer everything for the absolute novice and will guide you through to a more advanced stage of playing the piano. You can discover the right piano for you just by logging on to the World Wide Web, there are lots of portable keyboards for sale online and there’s even a roll up piano, which is the ultimate in portability.

As good as piano software is, it will be useless unless you practice, it might be easier these days to learn how to play but it’s not magic, in fact practice is probably the most important part of the whole process.

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If you would like to find more information about this course, you can visit the PIANOFORALL website.  The creator of this piano course Robin Hall, who is also a piano teacher, will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have you ever thought about how it feels to flawlessly run up and down a piano keyboard, playing beautiful music? Would you like to play a Beethoven piece of music on a concert grand piano accompanied by an orchestra? Are you that person that says I want to learn, but never gets round to it? Believe me, you are not the only one.

Everybody has a reason for not making that crucial decision and making that first commitment to start learning to play the piano. Even though you would like to be a great pianist or keyboard player, you can’t help thinking whether you will have the time and patience to learn how to play. There’s no way around these doubts, you have to make the decision and see what happens. Regular piano practice is the secret to playing the piano well.

Prior to buying a piano and piano lessons you should to organise your time and money requirements. It’s best to sort out your funds for a piano and lessons and teachers fees. Why not go to a piano teacher and try before you buy. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good piano. A piano of great worth will guarantee a superior sounding piano and you will get more satisfaction playing on it whether you buy an acoustic upright piano, a grand piano or even an electric piano.

A further important matter is to find a piano teacher who will guide you through those first crucial steps to playing the piano. If you know what you want to aim for then you can find the right teacher for you, for instance do you want to take exams, do you want to learn classical music or pop music, think about this before choosing your piano teacher.

Piano lessons and practice take up time and you have to adapt and make learning to play the piano part of your lifestyle. Learning to play the piano can be both frustrating and rewarding. The better you get at playing the piano, the more you will want to practice, it very addictive.

Playing the piano is all about pattern recognition, having a good memory and coordination, all these will improve as part of the piano learning process. After lots of piano practice you want to demonstrate your new talent, use a special occasion or perhaps a birthday party, you might want to play happy birthday, or Christmas, you can play a simple Christmas carol that everybody knows, it’s nice to show people what you can do, especially when you have worked hard at it.

As long as you stay determined to learn to play the piano, any little problems you have along the way will disappear very quickly. I you cant find a piano teacher right away, you can still learn to play the piano if you have an internet connection, and there are lots websites that can supply piano courses to help you learn to play the piano. Online piano lessons can also be used as a supplement to your ongoing piano lessons with a teacher, if you feel you would like to move your progress on a bit faster, have a go.

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It takes a certain amount of dedication to learn to play the piano but it used to take a great deal of money. Not too many years ago, it used to cost a small fortune just to buy a piano never mind the weekly cost of piano lessons for years. These days, with the help of the World Wide Web, learning to play the piano has become accessible to millions of people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to learn to play the piano.

There is nothing like watching a great pianist play great music, its definitely inspirational if you want to learn yourself. A good player can communicate with the listener through expressive playing. Learning to play the piano can also improve your learning skills in general, which is especially good for children. Many people can also develop a better understanding of mathematics and the sciences.

It Wont Cost You A Fortune To Learn The Piano

The advancement of technology especially with pianos and keyboards has the advantage of allowing piano lessons to be available to the masses. Of course its always nice to buy a brand new piano or even a grand piano and if you wanted to learn to play the piano in the past that was your only option and was only for the rich. These days, you can buy a roll up keyboard for next to nothing and learn to play the piano online for not much more. My thoughts on this are that as a beginner it doesn’t matter whether your playing a ten thousand pound grand piano or a ten pound keyboard. The cost of the instrument is not going to make you sound better when you are a beginner.

Improve Eye Hand Coordination

When you first start to play the piano, there will be a great deal of information to take in. With hand eye coordination, the information enters the eye and that information is translated in to a physical response, in this case, using the correct fingers on the correct piano notes, using the correct pressure and time. The more practice you do the faster this process becomes.

Practice The Piano To Suit Your Lifestyle

Normally when you are learning to play the piano, you will see a piano teacher once a week, this is the same time every week whether you have done your piano practice or not. If you could choose you own time to study and have a piano lesson when you wanted then this in itself would give you a better chance of success. When using piano software or learning online, you are in control, you can do as much as you need to do whenever you want to, even if it’s the middle of the night. Ideal for people who work shifts.

Of course you still need to do your bit and practice and although we have talked about flexibility when it comes to practice you should still try to create some kind of regularity when it comes to practice. So what are you waiting for, learn to play the piano online today and become a great pianist of the future.

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The first thing you need to learn before playing the piano is the piano notes. What are they called? A standard piano keyboard has 88 keys on it including the black notes. The first notes to learn are the white notes, but how do go about memorizing the names of all those white notes.

Don’t panic, there are just seven white notes to learn and that’s it. Well not quite, there are indeed just seven white notes to learn, but you also have to identify were they occur on a keyboard. As for the black notes, they are sharps and flats of the white notes. So when you know what the white notes are called then you almost certainly will know what all the black notes are called as well.

As a beginner, you only need to learn the white notes and though your piano may have up to eighty-eight notes, there are just seven white notes to learn. Those notes are C, D, E, F, G, A and B, these notes are recurring throughout the keyboard. As a beginner, you will only make use of the first five notes and in one part of the keyboard, nevertheless this shouldn’t prevent you from learning each white note on the piano.

The next thing is to find where the notes are on the piano. To do this you can look for shapes on the piano keyboard that is to find sets of three black notes together and sets of two black notes together. To do this you need access to a piano keyboard, if you don’t have a piano or a keyboard then you should be able to find yourself a picture of a keyboard, there are lots available on the internet Now, lets find the first shape. You are looking for two black notes together, think of it a shape, you should see lots of sets of two black notes together. Now pick one instance of two black notes together, it doesn’t matter which two, and you will see that they are surrounded by three white notes. One white note to the left of the first black note, the next white note is between the two black notes and a white note to the right of the second black note. The first white note, that’s the one to the left of the first black note is called C, the second white note, the one in the middle is called D and the final note is called E.

Carrying on from the last note which is E, if we now move on to the very next white note to the right, this note is called F, then G, A and B. The last note played which is B is the first white note just after the last black note in the set of three. So to recap you should have played a white note before the set of two black notes, a white note just after the set of three black notes and all the white notes in between. This adds up to seven white notes. If you carry on up the keyboard, the process repeats itself using the same letters. You should now be able to find and name any white note on a piano keyboard.

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It is reported that 80% of adults wish they had learned to play the piano.

What about the 20% who actually try to learn the piano?

It’s my experience that about 50% of adults who try to learn piano quit after several months. But they do not quit for the same reasons that children do.

Children do well at the routine of piano lessons largely because of the regularity of the lessons. Just being present for a good teacher’s session will begin to interest even an apathetic child.

Thus children tend to learn piano because Mom says they have to have a lesson once a week, and makes sure that the lesson is taken if for no other reason than that she is paying for it.

Adults are more in control of their own lives, and thus events may preclude lessons, just like with children. So adults miss lessons because of dental appointments, just like children.

But there is a difference. When the going gets tough with the piano, children have no choice but to continue, because Mom says you have to. But an adult can simply say, “I don’t want to do this,” and is immediately released from “duty” without question.

In my experience, it is the adults who are persistent and weather the difficult times who succeed at learning the piano.

Here’s an example. I teach a 55 year old bulldozer salesman with huge, fat hands and thick fingers. That’s another way of saying he’s an unlikely candidate for Carnegie Hall.

But he practices, slowly, carefully, absolutely every day, not because I tell him, but because he is consumed with a desire to learn the piano.

His progress was so slow that he could almost not see it. I have taught him five years. Only in the last year has he been able to play pieces of moderate difficulty (The Entertainer, As Time Goes By) with speed and even a smoothness. He enjoys playing more and more, probably because he may be the most patient man I have ever met.

He is now making music at the piano because he waited five long years to learn it from the ground up. His current progress is exponential, because like all pianists he now sees the underlying patterns and the similarity of musical vocabulary from one piece to the next.

At the piano, patient students are rewarded.

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