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Steve T posted:

I have a Yamaha keyboard for which the AC power adapter (transformer, the little black box) seems to be nonfunctional.

The original transformer puts out 700mA current. I found another transformer in my house that puts out the same voltage (12V) but 800mA current.

Is it okay to use that one to power my keyboard, or do I risk frying something?

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VG posted:

What is the difference betiwne the DGX620 and the YPG625?

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PiensP posted:

See the new features of the brand new Yamaha Tyros 3
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gear4music1 posted:

Available from
A video introduction to the advanced new features of the Yamaha Tyros 3

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behold789 posted:

Jeff Wayne The War of the Worlds

Learn To Play The Guitar

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

Dannyboy2k6 posted:

Tom Middleton’s Remix of Jeff Wayne’s The Eve Of The War from the double album “The War Of The Worlds”

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