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Pamela P posted:

I would like to purchase a keyboard or electronic piano and I am currently living in Europe. But I want to be sure I can then use it when I return to the US. Many electronics (Apple iMac for instance) have converters that allow them to switch, no issue. Does anyone have any info about whether or not this is possible for electronic keyboards? Thanks!

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Jered G posted:

Our church was given a this organ that has been in storage for a while. Said it did work before stored. In great condition otherwise.

Hammond Rythm 2
M# T-412
S# B-108491

Supposed to have 4 Ports but found only 2. (according to the label on the back)

I **** to run it with only 2 ports oiled if it does have 4

If you have a User Manual or know where I could get one, I would appreciate it.

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sawtooth88 posted:

Official demo from

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Kototuning posted:

DVD Jeff -Wayne -Live -On -Stage!

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trisha d posted:

How would I go about finding out how much my 1957 Hammond M3 organ is worth?

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Moonwalker posted:

I have a 61-key Yamaha keyboard. I’m not sure if I can fly with it on either domestic or international flights. Does anyone know if the airline will let me fit it in the overhead compartment? I’ve traveled with my guitar before which fitted in the compartment just fine, but I don’t know about the keyboard.

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PS. I am moving to Japan in a few months and would really like to bring my keyboard with me onto the aircraft. GEnuine answers will be appreciated.

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