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trichoone posted:

Tomitas Gardens in the rain by Debussy

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claraskin posted:

I acquired an electric Hammond Organ w/bench a couple of years ago. It says “Piper 11” on the top. It has only one row of keys (b&w) with all the sound attribute buttons/switches on top, and one foot pedal. The model number is 121024; no where does it show a B or any other letter. I need to sell it; however, I’m not sure what to ask for it.

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Tami L posted:

When I plug it into the mixer you can hear the radio playing out of the speaker. How do I fix it?

johal91a posted:

Victor Borge does the Inflationary language. He swiches every number in various words, for one number higher and then reads a text in this manner.

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todayimdirty posted:

Jean Michel Jarre & Patrick Rondat
Vivaldi Tribute
live in the Gdansk

m173627 posted:

Also, what are the cheapest alternatives to buying a Hammond (ie any rival companies that are better etc?), if I still want the same style organ (for jazz)?

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