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ScherzoForMotorcycleAndOrchestra posted:

How can I travel with my keyboard via airline?

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GuitarGirl posted:

How do you do that well heres the ones in trying to convert fro piano to guitar so if you could help and give me what these chords would be on the guitar that would be a HUGE help

G, C, E, A, D ,B , F

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qwerty23 posted:

I have a Yamaha PSR-260, And I want to connect it to my PC. How would I do this? I know I have to have a certain cable, but which one? And where can I find software for my computer to play the keyboard with all different sounds and stuff.

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exceem posted:

what a wonderful world louis armstrong Played on yamaha tyros 3. i cant read music so its played by ear so there will probable be a few mistakes but hopefully you will like it.

Ram posted:

I want to carry yamaha keyboard YPT 200 to india… is it advisable to carry it as cabin baggage ? I heard that airport officials might put some restrictions for carrying it on board… is there any other way to carry it safely ? if some had the same experience, please advise…

Daniel Fisher posted:

I’m 19 and I’d like to learn how to play the piano. I have a little experience playing the bass guitar, but other than that, I have no musical skills whatsoever. I’d like to learn how to play the piano the right way, and come next month, I will buy a keyboard.

I don’t mind paying for the online lessons, but of course, I’d rather not.

Is there a website that can teach someone how to play piano by sheet music? Step by step, starting with the extremely simple stuff, and slowly moving forward into something great.

Thanks for the help.

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