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About Mikes Music Room

Welcome to Mikes Music Room, my aim is to provide the best the internet has to offer for musicians, from beginners to advanced. I have worked as a professional musician a music teacher specializing in electric organ and keyboard and have worked in many music retail outlets in the UK.

Established in 2004, Mikes Music Room has built a small number of the best and most trusted suppliers in the world. Our biggest supplier delivers sheet music to over 100 countries worldwide and provides 100% secure online ordering.

In 2004 Mikes Music Room started with one supplier of sheet music for piano, organ and keyboard, today we have extended this to include musical instruments and sheet music for guitar, saxophone, violin, trumpet, banjo and harmonica. We also include thousands of eBay listings specifically targeted at musical instruments For the UK, US, Australia, France, Spain and Canada.

Over the years I have checked out many online piano and guitar video courses and by far the best courses out there are provided by Legacy Learning Systems. You can read my personal review of the piano course at The Piano Lessons Software Expert website.

We are always looking for ways to improve our website and the service we provide. If you have questions, comments or suggestions you can email me direct using our Contact Page.

Mike Shaw



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